Немецкий канцлер посетила Hanse верфь

Владимир Васильев 31 августа 2016

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits the HanseYachts AG

Angela Merkel and member of the regional parliament Egbert Liskow visited the HanseYachts shipyard on the 30th of August, in order to get to know the successful yacht manufacturer.

After a brief welcome and company presentation by Dr. Jens Gerhardt (CEO) and Sven Göbel (CFO) they went into the production, where the Chancellor visited the production lines. Here Mrs. Merkel took the chance to talk to employees, learning about the production processes firsthand. "I already showed a lot of people what I do as a boat builder. However, I never would have dreamed that I could once explain the deck setting process to the German Chancellor herself”, says Ronny Elgeti, boat builder at HanseYachts.

The Chancellor was particularly pleased about the current success of the company and the related increase in employment. She emphasized on the importance of training young people, which with 44 active apprentices plays a vital role for HanseYachts.

On behalf of HanseYachts, we would like to thank Chancellor Angela Merkel and the member of the regional parliament Egbert Liskow for their inspiring visit.